Day 6 : POSSIBLE : 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 6


(reminder: this is five minutes free writing. No correction made!)

If you believe anything is possible.

Sometimes as soon as I doubt that I can’t do it I do not even think about it that there could be a possibility that it could work.

Believing makes it possible to succeed.  Most  important thing is  to keep thinking positive.

I would never have thought that it could be possible to make a new start in a strange country at my age. After about 55 years I had to pull up my roots and move.

If it had not been for my son’s support it also would not  have been possible to make the change. He sponsored me because of my age  I could not get into the workforce and also not a work permit.

There was still a possibility to survive although it was very hard money wise to make ends meet at first.

We thought of some possible ways to get me some extra income. First I had a family member as border which did not work out. I applied for an international student. Having her for a full year made it possible for me to survive better. This year I put an advertisement out for a border. Possibility was there to get a good one. It also happened that I found a border for a whole year. It is also possible that his contract gets extended for another few months more after his contract ends in February next year!

14 thoughts on “Day 6 : POSSIBLE : 31 Days of FMFW

    1. Ha ha, you never know! I enjoy this writing and will go on selling or not selling. The boarder is really the best thing. He is with me for 4 nights only. 3 nights I have my place for myself. It works perfect for me.


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