Day 7: LOVE : 31 days of FMFW

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Day 7


Love is something we all yearn for. When you really love it feels as if you can burst open from it. Receiving love opens the way to giving love back and vise versa.

When I met my husband I knew he was the only love in my life. For a year it was only the two of us. The love between husband and wife is wonderful to experience When my son was born another kind of love opened in me. That was the love not only of a mother but also of a parent.

Love made my life strong and complete the 13 years of my marriage. When my husband committed suicide it did not kill my love for him. Till today I still feel some love for him although our lifes parted in death.

To me love is very precious. I can not easily show my love but hope that people feel that I love them by acting lovingly.

My dog Trompie is the love of my life at the moment. He gives me unconditional love back every moment of the day.

Thanks to Trompie and my son who I know love me for what I am.


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