Fallen leaves : Sunday Photo Fiction -October 4, 2015

124 10 October 4th 2015


Every year, the same time and place, the Autumn fairies start their job painting the leaves in their new colors.

Sally fairy, was one of the first ones to arrive at her workplace.

What a mess! Unbelievable!

All the leaves were already pulled off the trees. Sally could not think what could have happened.

Suddenly she heard some giggles and voices from under the bed of leaves.

“He he, that would show those high and mighty fairies how it had to be done!” someone was singing.
Quietly she went nearer to a heap of leaves. Suddenly she pulled away a big brown leave.

“What did you think you were doing pulling down all the leaves before we have  painted them?” she shouted.

The two naughty elves fell over in shock. They had not expected it to be caught right handed.

Sally called the queen fairy on her cell phone. The two elves were locked up.


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33 responses to “Fallen leaves : Sunday Photo Fiction -October 4, 2015”

  1. What a really cute, amusing and entertaining story, Ineke. I love the way you portray those naughty little elves! I hope thay don’t get too long a sentence. 🙂


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