Day 14: Fly – 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 14


Fly me to the moon came up as soon as I wrote the key word fly. I feel like flying in the breeze of excitement. The weather is better today after yesterday’s cold wind and some heavy showers during the day. My ebook is live again and I am going to give it away for free to promote it. The idea makes me fly, just thinking that I have done it all on my own. My friends at the Mayfair where I have a cup of tea every Wednesday made me feel happy and free to have friends like that who support me. We are members of Upper Hutt Time Bank and are a lovely group together every week. They flew with me on this book journey, which I really appreciate.

Something that makes me feel as if I can fly is that I enrolled in a six week course of writing short stories. It starts next Wednesday and I am looking forward to meet same minded people. I feel to fly to the moon now!


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