Plain sailing: FFfAW – Week of 10-13- 2015

Plain sailing went totally wrong!

Three months ago Sonya planned a trip of a lifetime for her and her younger sister Amber. She kept on going over every arrangement.  They were going to escape all the huzzle and buzzle of celebrations. Their father was going to marry the most horrible woman. The two sisters could not stand her at all.

Sonya blindfolded her sister with her scarf before they embarked the ship. She wanted  her sister never to forget the perfect escape. They climbed the stairs to their cabin.

Sonya opened the door  and unknotted the scarf, standing with her back to the open door, looked at her sister’s face. Amber’s face turned from blushing red, to pale as a ghost. With shock Sonia turned around.

“How on earth had it happened! Where did they get the information?” Sonia looked in awe.

There they were! Their father and the the step mother to be.

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21 responses to “Plain sailing: FFfAW – Week of 10-13- 2015”

  1. Oh dear. It seems the sisters will have to get used to their stepmother, after all. The perfect escape had been scuppered, good and proper! Great ending, Scrapydo.


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