Short Story writing course

Last night I had the first of six hour sessions with Cat Conner at their  new bookshop. The shop opened on October 1, it is all about New Zealand books and writers.

You my find more on the shop  and directors here :

I was kind of excited but also a bit afraid of attending the course last night.

We were five people. Cat was friendly and put us at ease by talking about her writing.

Session one was about:

Where stories come from and

Where characters come from.

Brainstorming –

We received a template of how to put information about the story on paper or in a journal.

Homework for next week:

Brainstorm your own story using the template.

Pew… I hope my brain comes up with a good storm!

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16 responses to “Short Story writing course”

  1. I can imagine you being nervous at first but it’s a great experience, and one I think I’d probably enjoy enormously too. 🙂 Happy weekend, Ineke!


    • I enjoyed the first session. Have homework for next Wednesday – planning first short story, some ideas already in my head! We have some miserable weather at the moment. Good to be inside writing my story. It’s a long weekend! Have a lovely weekend too!

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  2. That sounds really worthwhile. I’m going on an evening writing workshop next week. Don’t think we’ll be covering quite as much as you, but it’ll be interesting hearing how other people approach writing. Have fun!


  3. Dit klink lekker.Ek geniet jou boek baie..amper klaar!Ek lees altyd tien goed gelyk,word eintlik vies vir myself,want dan neem dit soveel langer om een boek klaar te lees.


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