Swords: Picture it and write


“What happened to me? Why are all these Roman swords around my seat?” Laelia could not believe it. She remembered walking down Main Street with her friends. Suddenly everything went black as if she was pulled down a long tunnel. Down, down she went.

She closed her eyes and it felt as if she was floating on her back.

With a soft thumb she was pushed down in a sitting position.

Laelia opened her eyes. Unbelievable!

She was all dressed up in the softest clothes. She felt like a royal woman. Then again her thoughts went back to the situation, her sitting on the seat with all those weapons around her.

“Hail to Laelia! Hail to our princess!” people were shouting.

Suddenly with a thud Laelia woke up! She was spread out, legs in casts after a nasty fall while walking down the street with her friends.


18 thoughts on “Swords: Picture it and write

  1. Now that was what I call a surprise ending – and not a nice situation for Laelia to find herself in. It’s amazing what can happen if you walk along chatting with friends instead of looing whree you’re going. Still, that was some dream!


      1. I think you’d neeed to look up a little about life in Roman times before you wrote a story set at that time. And that could take a lot longer than writing the story! Lol Anyway, I like the way you twisted it round in order to end it. It worked very well. 🙂


          1. It’s funny you should write about Roman times because I’m considering a story set in Roman Britain for my next book (if I ever finish the one I’m doing, that is!). I haven’t done any in-depth research of my own yet, but I’ve taught the topic for many years. I love it, too.


    1. Ja wat, soms is mens maar bietjie anders as gewoonlik en dan kom daar maar kinkels in die kabel. Ek is juis besig met n ses weke kursus om kortverhale te skryf. Nogal insiggewend vir iemand soos ek wat nog nooit eers gedink het aan stories skryf nie!

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