Wrong dice : Picture it and write

The wrong dice


The dice did not fall in the right places! Shame on the dealers.

Katy had never been very lucky when it came to gambling. She thought that she would try it for the last time and then never do it again if she lost.

It was time for the usual evening “gambling”session in the retirement village. They were not allowed to gamble openly. Mark had arranged for the five friends to meet in his garage. He had some space to put a table, chairs and some candles to light up the place.

All five were sitting around the table waiting for the last throw. Katy took the dice. Shook them and also blew on them.

She threw them. They rolled. One, a two and a one! She could not believe her bad luck again.

She had to take out her dentures, that was all she still owned.

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16 responses to “Wrong dice : Picture it and write”

  1. Oh no!!! Loved your little story, Ineke. Who’d have thought- a den of iniquity in a retirement home! 🙂 🙂 Probably just as well she didn’t win.


    1. Ha ha, she would also accept someone else’s teeth!

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    1. As jy dobbel moet jy die verloor maar in die oë kyk sonder tande!

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      1. Heheheheh ja maar dis laaste wat jy kan verloor!


        1. Netso! Gaan nie die eerste wees wat sy terug wen nie.

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          1. Grinnik… die stomme vrou – hoop sy kry darem haar eie terug!


            1. He he, daar sal besls n par meer wees sonder hul tanne!

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  2. A throw of the dice can turn the future from ordinary dentures to gold plated caps ~ Nice work 🙂


    1. Thanks, now she has to keep on and win back all her belongings!


  3. Ai,die tande moes waai! Oulik geskryf.


    1. Dankie, ja jong dobbel is nie een van die beste dinge om te doen nie!

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  4. Today bad luck, tomorrow good luck! Never give up and believe for the better!


    1. Maybe there usually is more bad than good luck when gambling.

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  5. Poor Katy!! So much bad luck! 🙂


    1. Yes I think there are many Katy’s out there.

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