Watching: Sunday Photo Fiction, Nov 15, 2015

130 11 November 15th 2015

The tramp gazed at the lion head. He heard the voice again:”Find the gate with the lion head. Look closely. It will bring you luck.”

Hardy had some issues with finding the right gate and lion. He found two without any sign of luck.

The one in front of him winked at him. He looked away and then back. Yes, it showed some movement. The mouth was slowly saying something. Hardy concentrated on the lion. He went closer.

” Put your hand in my mouth.”

He slowly reached, a strong hand pushed him forward. The next moment an arm went around his neck:

”Where are the diamonds? Tell me or….”

Hardy could not remember much. The arm let go and the police were all over the attacker. He felt something heavy hit his head.

Voices started calling: “Hardy, are you okay. Well done. We caught all of them.”

Word count: 150





20 responses to “Watching: Sunday Photo Fiction, Nov 15, 2015”

  1. Ineke, you are getting better and better at your writing. The lovely book of short stories you gave me when we met, might really be sought after in time! Well done! And congratulations on the new job. Working with children, as you know, is so tiring, but very satisfying!


    • Thank you for your kind words. This year I made a book for writing class on all the dogs I can remember since 1952. Ending it with Trompie. Working with children is very rewarding but at moment my body tells my that I’ve been on my feet for at least 4 hours a day.

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          • OH that is so encouraging to hear. And yes, do take that nap. I guess that if you work close by, it will be a way to manage the physical strain whilst still enjoying the job and the kids. Kids always bring a smile to my face!


              • Yes, I remember the quilt shop and beautiful scones. It is one of the nicest moments from my NZ trip. All the better because I got to meet my lovely blogger friend!! Just make sure you take plenty of Vitamin C as kids often like to share their germs around! I got quite sick when I worked with kids! And the girls at my work are often sick. I take mega dose of Vit c and have been okay of recent times.


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