Sunday Photo Fiction: The Barn

131 11 November 22nd 2015

People slowly gathered in front of the old barn. All were anxious to meet the new performer. Nobody knew what he looked like and what he would show them.

The town’s people heard about the performer when the distant drums sounded in the woods. Each sound had a different meaning which was the way they communicated with far away settlements. The drums told the village people to gather in the barn at eleven o’clock.

The doors opened.  Music sounded from inside inviting everybody in to join the show. When all were inside the door was shut and locked from the outside.

A strange sound came from behind the curtains. All became dark, just one shining ball could be seen.

A dark voice said: You are all interested in magic. I’ll show you magic by shipping you all to my kingdom.


13 responses to “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Barn”

  1. Quite a twist from what I was expecting. Well done.


    1. Ha ha, that’s what it is all about. Wonder where they are going to end up at the end.

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      1. The land of Merlin? That might be my guess?


  2. Slight spot of slavery there. Excellent 🙂


    1. Exactly! Thanks for your comment.

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    1. Laat dit oor aan jou eie gedagtes!

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