Revenge. Picture it and write


She had been as fit as a fiddle. Ready for her fight that night. She thought of all the hate and hurt she had in her life. Her contestant was her biggest enemy since her affair with her fiance. That night would be her revenge.

She was dressed in special winning colors. Green was her best color. She always had something green for luck.

The bell announcing the first round made the adrenaline flow. She pumped her muscles. Ready for the first hit, full in the face. The two women tested each other.

Then, with one blow her fist hit the target. One blow and her enemy was flat out on her back in the ring. Counting… One…two…..ten..OUT!

She danced with joy. The winner again after only 10 seconds.

The crowd went crazy. They loved her performance.


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8 responses to “Revenge. Picture it and write”

  1. She’s certainly a feisty lady. I could almost feel that punch! The bandaged hands fit well with your theme. I don’t know enough about boxing to know whether the bandages are instead of boxing gloves. Well written, Ineke.


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