Horse talk: Sunday Photo Fiction

133 12 December 6th 2015

“Hey Lily girl, why are you so sad? You look exhausted.” Molly-horse was amazed by the look on Lily-horse’s face.

Molly loved to talk a lot. She always had the idea that, letting yourself heard was better than to keep quiet.

She kept on galloping around telling the world about the adventures they had. Yesterday was a day of outings. Visitors took Lily, Molly and two pack horses for a day’s tramping. When they returned home late afternoon Lily could hardly stand. Her rider had pushed her up and down the most difficult paths. She could never stop to rest or drink a bit.

“I hate those people who can’t use the path to reach the top of the hill. Why do I always get the most active riders? I’m getting too old for all this galloping.” Lily felt like passing out. She could not stand the way Molly fussed about nothing.

Lily fell over and  passed away.

12 thoughts on “Horse talk: Sunday Photo Fiction

    1. Yes, I know some people are very hard and rude to their horses and other animals too. Those people are usually also the ones that can’t take lives pressure. I am also a animal behaviorist and hate seeing animals being treated like this.

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