Crossing the street: Sunday Photo Fiction-Dec. 13, 2015

134 12 December 13th 2015

“Can you believe it Quirk? It is green, just like us!” Zweack squeaked into  his tiny microphone in front of his sharp beak.

“Tell us more about it Zweack. Hurry up you don’t have very long to stay invisible.”

Zweack opened his beak to reply when he suddenly turned into a tornado spout. Round and around it went and then…

“Mummy, Mummy I caught a green alien!” Jimmy shouted.

“Jimmy come on, stop fantasizing. The green light won’t stay green to cross the street! Hurry up.”

Mum grabbed Jimmy’s hand in which Zweack was stuck to the place he had landed. His eyes were shocked because he thought he was going back to his spaceship. He took his glue gun and shot a squirt down Jimmy’s finger. He quickly slid down into the middle of the road. Next thing Zweack was run over by a black tyre. He clung for dear life as flat as a pancake.

“Phew, that nearly killed me.”

“Bleep, bleep,” came the call he was waiting for: “ Hang on we’re picking you up.”

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