Grateful for loving children



I am grateful for the opportunity to do some before and after school care.

The children crept into my heart from the first day. The school closed on Tuesday for the summer holidays. I received some small presents from some of the children and also from the school itself.

I am very grateful to be healthy and strong enough to do this caring.


This is a basket made from material which can be used as a place-mat.

It was filled with chocolate covered toffees(From Australia Said the boy who gave it to me.


A lovely tiny girl gave the following to me.

Choc chip cookies in a bottle!


All the dry ingredients are in the bottle.

I only need to add eggs and milk and

bake it in the oven.

Secret Santa gave me the following:

Coffee cup filled with chocolate and

some Manuka honey lip balm.


I also won the raffle during the Soroptimist meeting

last Thursday.


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23 thoughts on “Grateful for loving children

  1. I love the idea of choc chip cookies in a bottle. What a fantastic idea and practical too. And those lollies from Australia, are very Australian…. fantales!!! They are iconic sweets that we ALWAYS have on our Christmas table. We all read the little Who am I, question and try to guess it…. Fun. So glad you are enjoying the job..


    1. Ha, now I know a bit more about the lollies too. The two children who gave it to me kept on saying they are special Australian lollies. The information/questions are just as interesting too! I am really in my element while tending the care time.

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        1. Thanks, since arriving in NZ I did not feel much for teaching anymore. This job is just the right thing and time to do it. The South African currency is worthless. Can’t live on the little bit of money. With my boarder for another 10 months and this work will help met cope!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. All those lovely gifts just shows how much you’ve been apprecated. Have fun making your chocolate chip cookies, and remember to use that nice new place mat when you ‘dine’1 Have a good rest before you go back to school (in January?). 🙂


    1. Thank you my dear friend. I really appreciate your comments. I know you are very busy yourself but still have time to write something to me. You also need to take it slowly now because to be over tired is not one of the best things at our age. Warm greetings and lots of love!


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