Merry Christmas – Geseënde Kersfees

Here in New Zealand some people love to decorate their gardens with Christmas pictures using colored light. I went out last night and took some photos.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Thank you to all of you who supported me and my blog this year.

One horse open sleigh!



Geseënde Kersfees aan al my liewe Afrikaanse ondersteuners. Mag dit n besonderse tyd saam met familie en vriende vir almal wees.


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32 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – Geseënde Kersfees

  1. Wonderful photos and so lovely and colourful! Isn’t Christmas just magical? The one horse open sleigh is beautiful, and the skiing Santa is great! i thought my eyes had gone funny when I first looked at it! Merry Chrismas to you and Trompie! I’m sure we’ll carry on chatting in the new year. 🙂


      1. That could be ages! I’ll be back on my blog as soon as I’ve got up some steam with the book. Once that happens, I can usually spend time on it every day, no matter what else I do. But first, I need to concentrate just on writing nothing else but that for a while. Happy New Year, Ineke! 🙂


          1. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good. I hope it cools down a bit before you’re back at school. Don’t leave the house without the sunscreen, seems to be the order of the day. Temperatures worldwide seem to be all wrong at the moment. It seems El Niño is to blame for it all! All we can do is grin and bear it – or perhaps carry a fan, in your case! 🙂


            1. Ha ha, I thought to escape the high temperatures from Africa, but here I am grumbling about hot weather not even up to 30 C! In SA it goes up to the 40ties at the moment. It is all us human’s fault for not taking care of nature. Enjoy your mild winter at the moment.

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              1. Yes, we’re all grumbling about the weather, aren’t we? The tornadoes in the U.S. forest fires in Australia, and floods everywhere here! The weather’s gone bonkers, Ineke. I imagine 30 C will seem vry hot to you now. You’ve been away fron SA for a long time and become acclimatized to N.Z. temperatures. I hope it cools down for you soon. We just want it to stop raining! The rivers can’t take much more at all.


                1. I see on the news about all the flooding in UK. Just too much for the poor soil. There were fires in South Island also that destroyed a lot of farmland. Eastern side heat wave, drought and fires. Western side rain cold, even snow!(This is South Island!) Unbelievable. Today was not as hot as the last 4 days. Wow, what a sad story. Something happy- Trompie is enjoying his two girlfriends. As soon as it is cooler they run and play, play and run till they can’t go on. In the meantime I am enjoying my time away from home. Are you having family over for New Year? Or are you going out? I am going to stay home and enjoy listening to the fireworks at midnight.

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                  1. It will do Trompie the world of good to run with his two admirers. Just think how much showing off he can do! Forest fires/bush fires, or whatever people want to call them, are not common here, unless they’re started by people, accidentally or otherwise, but I know how devastating they can be in hotter countries. They’re one of the biggest hazards of summer in Australia, but I’ve never heard about fires in NZ before. It must be hot! Hope this little cooler spell lasts and lets you all get some respite from the heat.
                    We rarely go out on New Year’s Eve. The night always depressed me until recent years, when I started seeing it differently. I used to see it as another year of my life gone – and I wanted to do so many things before old age caught me. Now I just accept that I’m getting old and look forward to the new year and what it will bring. Writing has helped me to stop dwelling on the past, and being young. Some of the family will be here for a New Year’s Day dinner – which is similar to a Christmas Day one, except that we either have roast pork or beef instead of turkey. I always make a fresh batch of mince pies and a trifle. Our youngest, Christopher, has gone back to his house in London before flying back to Montreal next week, ready for another year of globe-trotting. I don’t know when we’ll see him again, which is upsetting, but just how it is. But on NYE, Nick and I will be doing the same as you, and listening to the fireworks at midnight. Then it’s 2016, Ineke! Let’s hope it’s a good year, worldwide, and that wars and bloodshed end, and devastating natural hazards are fewer. This year has been one of turmoil and strife everywhere, and so much human misery. When will it all end?
                    Well, no doubt we’ll talk again before too long, and we’ve already wished each other, Happy New Year!. Keep cool, Ineke – literally. 😀


                    1. I also accept getting old, keeps the mind young while the body grows older. I also kept on thinking about the past. Now I only take it one day at a time. If I finish something I feel good.If I don’t finish I leave it for the next day then suddenly it works well. I finished off one quilt on Monday, (had it for two years and quilted it professionally. Only had to do the boarder. Now it’s done I feel proud of myself. Still have another quilt top to finish off before I can send it to be quilted. I only need to stitch the outside boarder squares on. It is a double bed quilt and huge! I want to use it on my own bed. I’ll hopefully finish it off as soon as I am back home after the 5th Jan. It’s going to be the same with your book. As soon as you get into it, it will all fall in place. Lots of love to you


  2. Dis mooi liggies en versierings. Hier by ons doen mense dit ook – sommige maak ‘n kompetisie daarvan! Gesëende Kersfees vir jou en jou familie ook.


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