Cut the crap! Picture it and write


Nearing the end of the year reminded me of times that had not been as straight as a road with dotted lines. Mishaps happen. Time changes.

I went to see my family. Worst thing I could have done. I did not inform them that I was on my way, let alone that I wanted to speak to them.

Reaching my destination at seven that the morning, all was quiet. I knocked on the door. Still no movement or sound.  Suddenly a noise came from the back yard. I rushed to the back. There they were. Both still in their pajamas. My fiance and my sister.

In my mind I took scissors and cut the straight line I lived in half.

“Cut the crap! I hate both of you. You both are not welcome in my life.” I went back and ended the relationship. Ending it was not easy but had been worth it.


17 responses to “Cut the crap! Picture it and write”

  1. Your writing is going from strength to strength, Ineke.I think this is a great story and really hope that this is fictional. What a problem if it wasn’t but I guessed you knew exactly what they were really like, after this event. A good thing to spring on your visit. I think it is a shame we can’t be spontaneous and call in on our friends and family whenever we wish, (within reason). It is always such a delight to have visitors. I was once turned away by an in-law family member because I did not ring in advance…. I did not respect them much after that!
    Keep up the great work on the flash fiction – this story held my attention from the very first word to the last!


    1. Thanks Amanda for your lovely comment also for encouraging me. Glad to know it held your attention. It shows when you have experience in certain ways and issues that writing about it as if it is fiction makes it more realistic feel.

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      1. Absolutely. And occasionally, writing about similar experiences to our own, can sometimes help a person to “deal with” some issues.


        1. Very true. I’ve been writing a lot during 2015. I find most are pieces of positive thinking. Glad I look away from the “bad and sad”

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  2. It’s probably best that she didn’t announce that she was visiting – if she had she might not have found out about them for a long time! A great story, Chioma. 🙂


    1. Yes most of the time the important person doesn’t have an idea about the secret meetings. Happy New Year to you and lots of well wishes in your writing.

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  3. An excellent story, Ineke. I loved your two opening lines, and the rest of the story made me think. It’s funny how life has a habit of telling us about unpleasant things, and sometimes in a way that can shock or distress, as in this case. I hope it isn’t a true story! It wasn’t a pleasant situation for anyone to find themselves in. Surprise visits are perhaps not a good idea. A great interpretation of the prompt.


    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’ll keep it in mind when writing the next Flash. (Kind of true anyway. Makes writing about it easier because one knows the feeling!) I also like happy stories more.

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  4. Omtrent ‘n penarie!!


    1. Beslis! Goed om dit betyds uit te vind. 🙂

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  5. Nice story, it can happen when you do not tell about your visit in advance!


    1. Ha ha, wou dit meer dramaties doen maar moes darem aan die “lesers” dink en nie te boosaardig wees nie. Kan lekker met skêr knip!

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