Cut the crap! Picture it and write


Nearing the end of the year reminded me of times that had not been as straight as a road with dotted lines. Mishaps happen. Time changes.

I went to see my family. Worst thing I could have done. I did not inform them that I was on my way, let alone that I wanted to speak to them.

Reaching my destination at seven that the morning, all was quiet. I knocked on the door. Still no movement or sound.  Suddenly a noise came from the back yard. I rushed to the back. There they were. Both still in their pajamas. My fiance and my sister.

In my mind I took scissors and cut the straight line I lived in half.

“Cut the crap! I hate both of you. You both are not welcome in my life.” I went back and ended the relationship. Ending it was not easy but had been worth it.


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17 responses to “Cut the crap! Picture it and write”

  1. Your writing is going from strength to strength, Ineke.I think this is a great story and really hope that this is fictional. What a problem if it wasn’t but I guessed you knew exactly what they were really like, after this event. A good thing to spring on your visit. I think it is a shame we can’t be spontaneous and call in on our friends and family whenever we wish, (within reason). It is always such a delight to have visitors. I was once turned away by an in-law family member because I did not ring in advance…. I did not respect them much after that!
    Keep up the great work on the flash fiction – this story held my attention from the very first word to the last!


  2. It’s probably best that she didn’t announce that she was visiting – if she had she might not have found out about them for a long time! A great story, Chioma. 🙂


  3. An excellent story, Ineke. I loved your two opening lines, and the rest of the story made me think. It’s funny how life has a habit of telling us about unpleasant things, and sometimes in a way that can shock or distress, as in this case. I hope it isn’t a true story! It wasn’t a pleasant situation for anyone to find themselves in. Surprise visits are perhaps not a good idea. A great interpretation of the prompt.


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