54 thoughts on “Kiwi quilt at last.

  1. Oumagrootjie het so ‘n laslappie bedryf gehad met ‘n lappie vir elke persoon wat in die konsentrasiekamp dood is. Sy het egter gesê hy moet saam met haar begrawe word “Sodat ek die Here kan wys hoekom ek die Egelse haat”


  2. Fantastic! Lot’s of work indeed. I have never made a quilt – but this year, it’s on my list… if pinteret is anything to go with! well done – it looks really good. Love the red poppy’s


      1. Doing a quilt is – even a small one – is on my list of things to do. There is such stunning fabric patterns available here – even if I don’t stitch perfectly, it would look pretty.


  3. You are so skilful to have created such a beautiful thing – and extremely patient, too. It really is something to be proud of. The pattern and colour combination are gorgeous. Have you any plans as to where you might use it?


    1. Thank you. I decided to lend it to our new bookshop which caters only for NZ writers! As decoration against the wall for a while! The one owner had a grandmother who had done many quilts and she is displaying them on the walls. I asked if she would like to put this one up also because it has all kiwiana material.

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            1. I am enjoying the weather! I think I need to put down a deadline for my Afrikaans book – end January- otherwise time just goes by with me doing nothing. My Flash fiction needs to go for proof reading now!


  4. O dis pragtig! Ek was sopas twee weke lank in die mooie Nieu-Seeland en kon die “fantail” herken nadat ek dit in lewende lywe gesien het. Het nog nooit so baie gelukkige honde gesien soos daar in NS nie!


    1. Dankie, fantail is n manhaftige klein meneertjie! Daar is gereeld een wat woerts-warts hier onder my afdak in duik as ek buite is. Jy vertel my nou eers van jou besoek! Waar was jy? Kon jou gebel en gehoor het hoe dit gaan! Die honde word hier soms beter as kindertjies versorg. Ouens is lief vir hul diere!

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