Picture it and write: Broken



high speed photography

Suddenly a clap of thunder sounded through the house.

Kim woke up from her daydreams. She felt frightened and did not want to move from her rocking chair. She could hear no wind blowing and see no clouds drifting by through the window. What could it be? Kim slowly got up. She had to investigate. Nothing more than one clap! Slowly Kim moved to the dining room from where she thought the sound came from. Nothing unusual. She moved to the kitchen door. Suddenly she felt something wet under her bare feet. What the heck? Looking down Kim saw some water on the carpet. The water was dripping from the table cloth. Her gaze went up to the top of the table.

There was her flower arrangement flat out on the table. Her ancient vase was too fragile to hold the water and had burst open into thousand pieces.


4 responses to “Picture it and write: Broken”

  1. Oh, that’s lovely. Sorry I’m so late replying.


    1. No problem I know you are very busy too. I appreciate your comment, thank you very much. 🙂


  2. Dinge gebeur onverwags My een buurvrou se skuifdeur het netnou uitgehak


    1. Ja, so my storie is nie te vêr gesog nie!

      Liked by 1 person

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