Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences

138 01 January 10th 2016


I felt like screaming but instead I burst into tears.

Why did it have to be so difficult to be me? I knew I was emotional when I told my friends the good news. To me, it was as if I could sing and dance forever.

Then came the message: Don’t tell anybody!

I felt so angry and absolutely struck to the ground.

Why could I not be happy for once in my life? Why should there always be something or someone to dampen my spirit?  I did not give a damn. I was not going to be fenced in for once. Looking out the window, I could see the fence with the gate. The first step was opening the gate of my emotions. I opened the way to my own happiness and I won’t regret it. Never ever!

Sunday Photo Fiction

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24 responses to “Sunday Photo Fiction: Fences”

  1. Soveel teenstrydige emosies. Ons bevind ons gereeld in so tammeletjie. My vriending het gebrars om almal te vertel haar skoondogter was swanger – en daar vra die seun toe moointjies sy moet wag vir drie maande voordat sy iemand mog vertel. Siestog, daardie ene was te swaar vir haar om te dra…toe glip dit en nou’s skoondogter verkeerd opgetrek vir my vriendin. Ai


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