Picture it and write: Enough is enough





“This won’t work!  Enough is enough!” Allan thought when he saw all the fish along the shore line. He could see dead fish. Some were still wriggling a bit but that would not last for long.

Allan, who relied on catching fish for a living was very upset. He knew who were responsible for the killing. Healthy full-grown fish, that could have given him a month’s income, all gone.

Rumours were around town the last few months. People who wanted him out of business. Allan was a hard working fisherman. He had his own small fish shop in town. The big fish factory did not like Allen. They knew people loved his fish. The Managers tried to cancel Allan’s fishing permit. He was the only fisherman who could catch fish in the bay. The big company wasn’t allowed because their fishing boats were too big. They also caught more than their quota and polluted the sea around them by dumping the leftovers near the bay.

Allan was ready to sue the company. He took out his camera and started taking photos. He’ll use them as evidence. This time, it will be the end of those cruel people!

10 responses to “Picture it and write: Enough is enough”

  1. Jy kry altyd die reuse vrate wat die enkelinge dooddruk.


    1. Ja, dis onregverdig! die enkeling word gedwing om besigheid te begin en dan kom hierdie groot ouens en vernietig die bietjie wat daar gemaak kan word.

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  2. I hope Allan will win this fight… sadly the biggest fishes in the pond are the sharks of that big companies :o(


    1. Problem is the single person in bussiness can’t fight and win these big sharks.


  3. Ai, die groot firmas wat kleinhandel wil dooddruk!!


    1. Dit gaan orals so. selfde met die kleur en ras onderdrukking.

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    2. Netso, dis baie swaar vir n klein besigheid om te kan bestaan. Tog word die kleintjies aangemoedig om te begin en dan loop dit dood a g v die groot plekke.

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