FFfAW week January 19, 2016. Absorbed

The intruders from outer spaces’ spaceship were impossible to detect by the human eye.

XQB the leader looked through the small porthole. What it saw was good, very good.

The reflection of the setting sun covered everything in shades of gold. All the buildings sparkled.

XQB reported to the mother ship that it was time to investigate.

It opened the latch. Its tentacles gripped the side and then slithered to the ground.

As soon as XQB touched the dust it started disintegrating. The golden soil started absorbing the fluid in XQB’s tentacles.

That was the end of the investigation. XQB was no more!


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15 responses to “FFfAW week January 19, 2016. Absorbed”

  1. Things happen for a reason, I say. Good story on a delightful, imaginative, creative blog! I’m so glad you stopped by mine. I’m very glad to meet you. ❤


  2. I hate to sound partial, but I’m glad the investigation ended. Could have been worse if it hadn’t.

    Great to read a story from you!



  3. Some things appear to be beautiful and harmless, however, as in this case it may be beautiful, but certainly not harmless. The XBO leader was wrong, and paid the price for that judgement. Nice story! 🙂


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