I met Kaffe Fassett last night

Last night was an awesome night. My friend and I sat in the front row of the theatre where Kaffe Fassett explained how and why he started his knitting and patchwork designs and patterns.

He wore the same shirt as in the video clip.


It was a wonderful experience to hear him speak and look at the examples of his designs.

15 responses to “I met Kaffe Fassett last night”

  1. How wonderful! I’ve never made anything of his (useless with my hands 😦 ) but I have one of his books. The colours just sing! 🙂


    1. Yes the colors talk to you. The quilting material is also very bright and colorful. I am a knitter but all the colors toe knit with isn’t my cup of tea. My knitting is very tight does not look too good at all.


      1. I used to knit a lot but Mam was far superior x

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  2. Must have been wonderful !- I have a book of his as well. I used to knit a lot when I was younger, but some years ago I got a “tennis elbow” and more…so I do not dare any more.


    1. Was an awesome experience. I did not know what to expect. He was so at home and easy going. I could feel and hear the love he has for all these colors and material.


      1. I’m sure – he must be a very inspiring man.

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  3. mmmm nou is my kommentaar weg?


  4. Dis nou interessant … mens weet nie van sulke mense!


    1. Dit was rerig die moeite werd!

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    1. Dit was nou lekker ondervinding. Ou was ook heel “menslik” niks aansitterig nie.

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  5. I used to knit a lot and had a couple of his books. Sounds like it was a really interesting talk.


    1. I also did a lot of knitting. Now I am into quilting and it was wonderful to listen to his way of getting inspiration from colors around him.

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