Picture it and write : Saved


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Slowly the lovely girl emerged from the waves. She struggled to keep herself upright like all the strange beings on the beach. Looking down at where her legs were supposed to be: No legs, no feet! Nothing to stand on!

Suddenly a wave pushed her up the shore and out of the water. What should she do? She could not run back into the water, only a tail and no legs to balance herself.

Suddenly one of the two-legged beings picked her up. It had a calming effect on her; it put her back into the waves. She was so afraid that she would not reach the water in time. This creature saved her life. “I’ll always be grateful to you. You are blessed,” whispered the mermaid in the stranger’s ear.


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19 responses to “Picture it and write : Saved”

  1. Lovely story, with a nice, happy ending. My faith in human nature is restored! I’d ike to think that all humans would save a sea creature (of any type) in this way.


      • Africa has always been a target, simply because of the sheer size and beauty of the animal species. But mankind everywhere is responsible for the decimation of so many wonderful species. It’s a sad situation, and not one easy to counter. 🙂


        • Most of the African human tribes teach their children to kill even the smallest insect. Superstition is the main reason. While I was teaching in a school with only Sesotho children they would stone lizards, frogs even butterflies and ants! Also, the squirrels and birds are still the targets!

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          • Really? I had assumed that only ‘big game’ were the target. Thank you for telling me that, Ineke. It’s very sad, whichever animals are targeted. I’ve no objection to killing animals for food – a necessity to live. Killing for sport or any other reason is a definite no! 🙂


              • I don’t suppose anything can be done to stop such age-old ways. As you say, they enjoy killing, so wouldn’t want to stop doing it! Thanks for telling me all this, Ineke. I had no idea.


                • We as teachers tried to protect the insects by telling the children not to do it. At the end they accept it and won’t kill anything on the playground at the end. The young kiddies would call me when one wants to kill and that is where the teaching comes in.


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