Hops: interesting facts.

In 2013 my son had the idea of growing hops. He bought a plant and did not plant it into the garden. It died down during winter and started growing the next summer. I suggested that I would plant it in my garden till he was ready to plant it in his garden.

I planted it and it sort of grew last year.

This year it really grew into a tall vine. It has lots of hops on it at the moment.

Is there someone who could advise what to do next with it?


New Zealand hops are harvested in late February and March of each year. During drying, hot water radiators are the source of heat, thereby ensuring the hops stay free from any contamination by exhaust gases. The dried hops are pelleted at our own facility near Nelson and hop extracts are produced at a neighboring modern supercritical CO2extraction facility, Pharmalink Extract Ltd, situated adjacent to the hop pelleting plant. Quality and safety is assured throughout every stage of production via an auditable on farm GAP certification programme and cold storage and processing under ISO (9001-2008) quality and HACCP systems.


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19 responses to “Hops: interesting facts.”

  1. Hops. Dis mos wat gebruik word om die bitter smaak in bier te gee? Of is ek nou verkeerd?
    Ons verbou weer die gars om die GIS van bier moontlik te maak.


    • Dis hy! HesterleyNel vetel toe dat hops in slaaie gebruik word. Kan ook gekook word. Ek toets toe die hop blommetjie! Vat so halwe blom hap-was dit nou n smaak! Hy slaat my tussen die oë so sterk is die smaak. Bitter beslis. Mens moet seker maar gewoond daaraan raak om dit te eet. Dis ook familie van dagga!


  2. Your vines are lovely. Are you planning on making your own beer or are you growing for cooking purposes? The stalks, leaves and flowers are edible (cooked or fresh in salad, but it has a very strong flavour).

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