School Stories: Cycling and safety

Today the school had a visitor.

He had a variety of “wheels”.20160331_145248

He took each little kiddy for a ride in his made-up bicycle.

Even the Principal helped with the cycling.


The children really enjoyed the visit and the rides.



Retired teacher interested in anything crafty: Scrap booking, card making, quilting, knitting etc. Everything about animals especially DOGS

11 thoughts on “School Stories: Cycling and safety”

  1. I would love to have a ride on that bike too, Trompie, don’t you too? Thank you both for your Easter wishes, while we were gulped down by the introooders. Hope you had a wonderful time as well 🙂 Double Pawkiss:)❤


    1. Mmm maybe if a good driver is controlling the front part. Some bigger boys also did the riding, but they are dangerous riders! We had a lovely Easter but the weatherman says today and the weekend won’t be good at all. There is n nip in the morning telling us it’s nearing winter here. High paws and licks

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