Blogging From A-Z: I



During weekends, I help my son building or putting together electronic boards. The small business is flourishing. My son bought a machine to make the putting together easier. He tested the machine yesterday. It works perfectly.

This is the template I use to put the soldering paste onto the boards. My son invented the way to do it himself.

Here is the machine that sucks up the small parts and puts it on the board.


I finished the boards off by putting the bigger parts in position. They go into the oven to do the soldering.

The finished boards. The next step is to put more parts on top which are also soldered on by hand at the moment.

We made 40 boards in 2 hours.


 Extra I posts:


35 thoughts on “Blogging From A-Z: I

    1. Nogal, ek doen nie die heel fynstes nie. My seun doen hulle en nou doen die nuwe masjien dit. Dit spaar baie tyd wat my seun kan gebruik vir verdere vebeterings. Dis hoofsaaklik privaat persone wat dit koop. Hy het n order van 50 gekry wat Frankryk toe is. Daar is ook n maatskappy wat 1500 wil hê in Italië. Dis egter te veel en dis hoekom die masjien gekoop is om vinniger te produseer. Die birdjies word ook op oomblik een-een geswys, wat in vervolg in sesse gedoen kan word deur n maatskappy wat sulke swyswerk doen.

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  1. Dis nou interessant… wat doen mens dan met die goed? Laat my dink aam Pappa wat ook altyd planne gemaak het. Hy sou al die goed vreeslik geniet het. Bertus moet net nie so meganiseer dat sy handlanger oorbodig raak nie


    1. Dis “connectors” mens werk deur die bordjie deur jou foon of rekenaar. Jy kan opdragte en inligting daarmee stuur. Selfs die masjien wat Bertus gekry het het so n bordjie in om dinge mee te kontroleer. Het al vir Bertus gesê hy het beslis Pappa se vaardigheid geërf.

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        1. This one of mine is my best buddy. I had at least one at a time since 1980. Can’t stay without one! They love to bark if you are not strict with them! They are also one of the dogs with the most vocal sounds(barks)


  2. Very interesting. Here, so close to the ocean, we have to replace our electronic boards quite often. We try to prevent decay by leaving the machines (television sets and computers) on 24/7. The rows of shining little buttons all look the same to me, but then, crochet stitches also tend to look the same to me haha


      1. … and each thingy have a function to fulfill – yes, I realised that when I accidentally broke one of the thingies when I inspected the patterns – my son was NOT impressed.


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