Blogging from A-Z: Letter X


Picture 031

Xylophone made from wood horns and “kalbasse”

Photo was taken in Zambia next to the Zambezi River on our way to the helicopter that took us over the Victoria Falls. 2005

The term xylophone may be used generally, to include all such instruments, such as the marimba, balafon and even the semantron. However, in the orchestra, the term xylophone refers specifically to a chromatic instrument of somewhat higher pitch range and driertimbre than the marimba, and these two instruments should not be confused.

Extra “X”


10 responses to “Blogging from A-Z: Letter X”

  1. Dis ‘n besondere xilofoon en ‘n pragtige foto!


    1. Dankie, dit was n besonderse instrument gemaak van natuurlike elemente. Geen yster of spykers. Riempies en hout pennetjies as vasmaak-goed.

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  2. I also had xylophone too as my post for today


    1. I’ll hop over and have a look. Thanks for visiting and following my blog!

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  3. such a beautiful instrument – and view!


    1. Thank you, it was high up in the hills in Zambia!

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  4. It’s a beautiful xylophone and setting!


  5. Briljant. Hoe is die klank of het jy dit nie getoets nie?


    1. Dit is baie mooi en dowwer as mens dit so kan noem, entlik meer gedemp met die hout en die hol horings.

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