School Stories: Autumn sky

School started off with a big bang on Monday. All were back and ready for term two.

Wednesday afternoon I had an over full After School Care session! We are three carers and there is supposed to be ten children per carer. Wednesday we had forty-two children and cloudy rainy weather. Luck was on our side. The rain stopped and we could play outside for most of the afternoon.

The last child was picked up at 5:45pm. Long day for the children!

Thursday it rained the whole morning and drizzled on and of in the afternoon. There had been some flooding in Porirua, lucky for us it was on the other side of the hills.

Late afternoon the sky started to clear.

This is how it looked.

The last photo shows the patch where the fire burned a few weeks ago.

16 thoughts on “School Stories: Autumn sky

  1. You seem to be still thoroughly enjoying your work at school, Ineke. It’s so easy to feel happy around little ones, so I can understand how you feel. Mind you, being cooped up inside on a rainy day with 42 of them could be a bit fraying on the nerves! Good thing the sun came out. I love the sky in the top two photos of your gallery.


    1. I am enjoying it but I don’t get time to really sit down to read blogs or even writing anything. I did the A-Z just because I wanted to do it. Now I’m still relaxing a bit. I am filling in for my supervisor, my afternoon sessions end 6 o’clock. By then I’m to tired to do anything more than sit and relax.


      1. It’s hard to fit everything into a day. Work takes up a lot of time, but if you love doing it, it’s worth it. But if you’re missing writing and your blog, then that isn’t so good. I know the extra money is nice – sometimes we work because we need to. But do take care of your health and don’t get stressed.


        1. Thanks for caring about my situation! I had to scale down my activities because my body can’t keep up with my brain. I’ll get back to writing as soon as I”m doing my time up till 5 in afternoons. Remember’ I/\’m also doing the early shift and wintertime isn’t the best time to be out and about at 6 o’clock. I still stay positive because I can buy things I really need and even save some money.
          Some days I just wish that I have a partner or somebody who can help to carry some responsibilities! But I am getting there one day at a time. How are you going with your writing?


          1. I can understand how hard it must be on your own. Life just isn’t fair, sometimes. I’m working more, on my book now than I was all last year. The posts I do on my blog are nearly all travel/history ones because I don’t have time to go around all the community as you do with flash fiction challenges. I miss doing them, though. Keep in touch. We both seem to be out of touch with WP are the moment.


            1. I know, I still try to keep up a bit but the short days makes it not the best time to sit down and visit everybody. I am glad to hear that you are more into your book again. Sounds very promising. Enjoy your warmer weather and longer days. Are you going to travel a bit this summer? Keep well and look after yourself too.


  2. Ek hou van daardie huisie bo-op daardie berg. Weet nie of dit ‘n woonhuis is nie, maar dit moet so ‘n mooi uitsig hê…… net bietjie eensaam.


    1. Die huis is so 5 jaar terug daar gebou. Toe ek hom eerste keer sien het hy my gedagtes geprikkel om n spookstorie daaroor te skryf. Hul het in die tussentyd nog twee huise daar bo gebou. Een op n laer bultjie en een op n bultjie wat dieselfde hooge as die oorspronklike een. Dis juis daar waar die vuur so amper die huis afgebrand het. Dis onbegaanbaar van hierdie kant af. Van anderkant is dit nie so ver nie omdat doe heuwels almal soort van gelyk aan agterkant is.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mooi foto’s waar die reën begin opklaar.So verander die seisoene…’n paar weke gelede droogte en brand en dan reën en koue om uit te balanseer!


    1. Dit is so. Komende somer gaan die gebrande stuk sommer weer groen wees al is die groot bome afgebrand. Die koue het nog nie regtig gekom nie. Ons het een oggend bietjie ryp gehad en daarna steeds bo 10 grade C en gedurende die dag op na 20 grade wat gladnie koud is nie. Vreemde weer!

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