Face : Photo Challenge: The daily Post

This week, let’s celebrate our many different faces.


This boy is very active and always on the lookout for


One can see it on his face.


The next face tells its own story.



13 responses to “Face : Photo Challenge: The daily Post”

  1. Yes, Trompie, the boy has the ‘Here comes trouble’ face..I have three twofeet siblings like that and I recognize them the moment I see them…MOL 😀 Great pictures my furriend! Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


    1. When these youngsters come nearer I just want to run away and hide. Don’t like them at all. I usually hear them coming before Mum even think about them. Enjoy the rest of the week. High paws and LOL 🙂


  2. Vasgevang in die boom?


    1. Jou en Tina se gedagtes is nou besig om heerlike rond te hol met die ou gesig in die boom.

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  3. […] Face : Photo Challenge: The daily Post – I scrap 2 […]


  4. What a mischievous little face he has. 🙂


    1. He is always on the move, looking for things he should not do. Also always sitting on his ears. Never listens when you talk to him.

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  5. Eitlik half ontstellend


    1. Die eerste klip gesig foto is vir my besonders met die boomstamme aan beide kante,
      (wat is ontstellend?)

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      1. Dis of daar simboliek van swaarkry aan verbonde is


        1. Mmm jy en Toorts is besig om n storie om die beeldhouwerk te doen. Ek hou daarvan!

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          1. Hehehehe daar is oral ‘n storie


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