14+15 May 2016- Poultry Show, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

There was a good variety of pigeons, ducks, chicken and some budgies.

My husband loved rollers. We always had some. The ones on show reminded me about the rollers we had more than twenty  years ago.





Some pigeons on show.

Some chickens

The top row middle photo shows a chicken which you can’t recognise the front from the back.

Eggs were also on display.

There was also a crafty competition

Use and decorate eggs.

Egg on the right is an ostrich egg shell.


4 responses to “Poultry Show”

  1. rondomtaliedraai Avatar

    Hulle mors darem ook baie


  2. easyweimaraner Avatar

    I love such shows… I entered one as a child with my saxony duck Berta… I thought I will win a prize because it was the biggest duck of all… but the judges said Berta is just fat… but nevertheless Berta was the Best in Show for me :o)


    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      Those mixed feathery ones are lovely to play with. I don’t think the owners would not be happy if We would play with them. They are precious to them! Whoooof


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