20 thoughts on “Winter: Upper Hutt: NZ

  1. Such beautiful views! I hope it isn’t too cold there now – it’s hard to tell on photos. There still looks to be plenty of greenery on the trees. The sky on the last photo is intriguing. Is is sunset?

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    1. It wasn’t that cold yet when I took the photos. It was sunset at school. The skies are really awesome at the moment(When the sun gets a chance to come through). Every morning after seven while driving to school I can’t stop looking at the scene in front f me. How is your summer going?


      1. Hi Ineke. I’m sorry for being so late with this reply. I’ve had so much to do since getting back from Cornwall, and am slowly getting round to answering comments.
        Summer is just beginning here and, like most Junes, the weather is still very changeable. When we were in Cornwall, the weather all over the country was lovely and sunny. This week we’ve had mostly grey skies and rain. But I love autumn, too, and can imagine that you’ve had some gorgeous colours over there for a while. With winter on your doorstep, though, it’s time to get out the winter woollies again. Take care. 🙂


    1. Dis werklik elke oggend en dag n belewenis om hier te wees. Vanoggend was die lug uitsonderlik gekleur met mooiste pienk tot donker pienk-rooi wolkrande. Die lug self is n blou wat net besonders is. n Foto kan nie beskryf hoe mooi dit is nie. Skoon is dit beslis alhoewl mens maar morsjorse ook kry. Die strate word gereeld met n vragmoter gevee om die afgevalde blae opte tel.

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    1. Fotos is Vrydag en Saterdag geneem terwyl dit heel sonnig was. Dinsdag na lang naweek het die koue ons goed gekap. Vanoggend moes ek 2x my moter se voorruit ontvries(My motor is oud en het geen werkende verwarmingssisteem om te onwasem nie en ook nie watersproei by ruitveeërs nie! Alles word met my hand gedoen.Moet rerig n nuwe voertuig kry!)

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      1. Is dit ‘silverstream, upperhut new zealand? ‘ want my einste vriendin Karlien waarvan ek in my blogs skryf bly daar.


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