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New Zealand.

(Photos are all taken by me! Scrapydo)


Visitors to Wellington’s Civic Square are captivated by this sculpture, ‘Ferns’, by Neil Dawson. A sphere of the silver leaves that have come to symbolise New Zealand, it is suspended between the surrounding buildings 14 metres above the ground, and on a clear day seems to float above the crowd.



Nikau is one of fifteen stylised nikau palm trees designed by architect Ian Athfield made from copper, zinc, and steel.


The nikau is the only species of palm endemic to New Zealand. Traditionally, the bases of the inner leaves and young flowers were eaten; food was wrapped in the leaves for cooking; and the old fibrous leaves used for baskets, floor mats, and waterproof thatch for buildings.

14 responses to “Look Up : The Daily Post, Photo Challenge”

  1. Super photos. The sphere looks pretty amazing and those stylised nikau palms must catch a lot of attention, too. Real nikau palms sound like very useful plants all round – so much of it can be made use of. I agree with luckyjc above that the upper parts look like shuttlecocks.


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