The dog behind the black nose!

People asked to see the dog behind the macro nose!IMG_9714

Dear Millie

one of Trompie’s favourites girlfriends.


Millie loved to curl up in the cat basket although she is too big for it.

Trompie usually stood watching her up on the table in the basket.


Trompie received an award from Binky

Binky is Trompie’s   very special blog friend.

They know each other for a long time.


I , as Trompie’s mum, am going to answer the questions asked by Binky on Trompie’s blog at

16 responses to “The dog behind the black nose!”

  1. Ag jinne sy is pragtig!Watter soort hond is sy?


    1. Sy is n besonderse hond. Baie eie idees en altyd besig met iets. Sy is n labradoodle. Fyngeit van poodle en sagtheid van labrador. Dis waar ooreenkomste ophou. Hol soos n windhond spring soos n wafferse perd! Baie intellegent.

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  2. the dog behind that nose is super beautiful!


    1. Yes, us males love these beauties!


  3. You have the cutest button nose I have ever seen, Trompie. That’s one thing that makes you very special and the other thing is your great looks and your furriendship ❤ Congratulations on your award, very well deserved! Pawkisses for a wonderful day right on your cute nose 🙂 ❤ ❤


    1. Ouch, Binky you make me blush! Thank you very much. You are still my best of the best girlfriends.Special lick to you!

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  4. So lovely to see that cute button nose. I think Trompie is just the best companion. And I will also remember meeting him fondly. Schnauzers are the best!


    1. I agree they are tops! I easily can read Trompie’s body language when I come home after work. He tells me exactly who and what passed the window while I was out.

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      1. what a trooper. Such a wonderful home guard!!


        1. That’s for sure. He only barks at those he doesn’t trust.

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          1. Our new dog, Rebel does the same but also bails up my son, who normally lives out of home, but has returned at the moment. It seems to be that because he sleeps in a cabin detached from our main house, she considers him some kind of threat! Weird….


            1. Their behavior is amazing. It is so interesting to see them following their inner feelings. Bertus(my son) says I make Trompie behave like he does. Maybe in a way but it really is his way of reacting to situations. Trompie still does not want to go near children.

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              1. They are probably too unpredictable for him.

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