Morning: Daily Post, Photo Challenge

Cheri at WordPress says: For this week’s photo challenge, publish a new post with an image that means morning to you. We’re especially interested in creative and unique takes on the theme — bonus points to those who think beyond the usual sunrise photo!

For more information on the Challenge just click on the link


It is still winter here in New Zealand.

One freezing morning my

neighbour had ICE FLOWERS on his car.


This is how the sky looked early that same morning!

Lucky for me, my car was under the car port.


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17 responses to “Morning: Daily Post, Photo Challenge”

  1. Jou foto’s laat my dink aan sneeuoggende in Pennsylvania, USA, en hoe my liewe skoonseun die sneeu van my dogter se motor gaan afskraap het…Wonderlike patrone wat die ys en die sneeu vorm! Dit laat my verstom staan voor die kreatiwiteit van ons Skepper.


    • Gelukkig sneeu dit nie sommer hier onder waar ek bly nie. Dit ryp net baie goed as dit ryp. Die patrone is regtig besonders, mens kannie glo dat geen mensehand daaraan gewerk het nie. Laat mens nietig voel so in die natuur.

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