School story: Haka and bugs

The children at school had been very busy this week.

Another school came for a visit and our children welcomed them with a haka.

Here they were rehearsing in front of the principal.

Activities at After School care.

Making lady bugs.

Some played table tennis and others

played on iPad


10 thoughts on “School story: Haka and bugs

  1. Love the ladybugs, Ineke (which we call ladybirds here). Walnut shells look ideal for making them and if it was your idea, you’re a very creative lady. Your after-school club looks productive and a lot of fun, and I’m sure the children love it. I bet the children really enjoyed welcoming the visiting school with a haka, too! 🙂


    1. Thanks, they love every minute of it. The little ones hate it when parents turn up early to pick them up. Even my morning before school care is flourishing. More and more are coming early now. The visitors were very impressed with everything.


  2. that’s a super idea to make ladybugs from walnuts. I will make some spiders for howl-o-ween that way…. many thanks for sharing a great event and a great idea!


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