School Stories: Before School Care

Every morning Monday to Friday

before school starts at

7:30 am

Little ones (5-year-old) build

fences and cages for


They love to play and build.


Bigger girls make bracelets and other items like

fruit, hotdogs or bees using

loom bands.

Hard at work

Image result for loom bands nz


 Some are playing games on iPad


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18 responses to “School Stories: Before School Care”

      • You obviously have the knack with little ones, and you’re definitely a creative person. I should think it’s a very rewarding job to do. Fifteen children is quite a lot, and I do hope you get an assistant if it reaches twenty!


          • I know classes can be huge, but with this kind of creative work, it must keep you busy sorting out so many materials, as well as helping individual children. Anyway, you do seem to be loving it. 🙂


              • If it keeps you young, I’ll have to try it! I know what you mean, though. I think just being around children gives you a feel good factor. I miss teaching a lot, even though I taught the 11-16 age range. The still kept me feeling young!


                • The same here. I was also an older child teacher(Many years Primary and also High school) Now with these little once it gives me a feeling of really belonging there with them. I love to take their hands and help them down the steps, help to put their shoes or jackets on, blowing their noses. Didn’t know I can be so motherly. I was always very strict with everything!


  1. that’s great that you can do some things you like before the serious things start :o) I always used this time to do my homework I “forgot” to do at home :o)


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