Meeting a new lady friend.

When my mum takes photos, she puts the end of my lead under her one foot, so I can’t escape or go too far away from her.

Once again, she was busy taking this photo


when a new girly came along. I was excited and pulled, next thing the lead was coming my way, and I could run to greet this lovely lady. At first, she wanted to snap at me, but I knew how to handle this type of behaviour!


Whoof I had a good sniff at the end


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14 responses to “Meeting a new lady friend.”

  1. oh what a cute girl you met … hope she gave you her phone number :o) the mama would avoid that I can escape including the leash and wrapped it around her leg… I skip the details, I bet you will guess how that ended LOL


    • Yes, we exchanged numbers, I won’t give the number to Mum for in case she wants to delete it. Lucky for my mum the lead came straight up to me and gave me a bit of a fright. I can imagine when it happens to your mum and you wanting to go off to explore. Enjoy a lovely Sunday!


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