Baby shower/stork party/ooievaars-tee

Today was Stella, my daughter in law’s baby shower. The house was decorated in a wonderland of owls, toadstools, balloons and sweet treats.

Pressies galore


Stella enjoying opening the parcels.


We made some elephants using towels.

Baby cake!

The mother to be.


A big thank you toStella’s mother and sister Melissa for organising this awesome shower.




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12 responses to “Baby shower/stork party/ooievaars-tee”

  1. Aww..this is so cute and that cake looks so delicious, Trompie. Did you had a piece of it, btw? Een voorspoedige zwangerschap gewenst for Stella. She looks beautiful 🙂 Extra Pawkisses to you all 🙂 ❤


    • Sad to say I did not attend the occasion. Still, sort of upset about it, she did not even bring me a small piece. I am very proud of my human family. Wonder how my two cousins are going to react. I’ll wish Stella and Bertus all the best from you! Extra wet lick to you.

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