Baby talk: Born 29 December 2016

Not a Christmas baby

Not a New Years baby

but a

Between the two baby!

My little “girly” was born


just after 11 am.

Here are two photos of her, 24 hours after birth.

I saw her again on day four.


I am so proud of being a granny to little Beatrix.

I am also very proud of Stella. the Mummy, for delivering this little treasure into the Kruger family.

Thank you Bertus, I am so proud of  the way you handled the birth of your little


Being a parent is one of the world’s most wonderful


May God bless the three of you.

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27 responses to “Baby talk: Born 29 December 2016”

  1. Welcome to the world, sweet girl. May the angels protect your beautiful grandchild, Ineke. We also love her name. Thank you for showing her into the world. My grandson is born on the same day, but 14 years earlier. I have tears in my eyes now, because time flies so fast. Pawkisses for Best wishes and Happiness with the new born and for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤


  2. Oh she was late. How are the parents? She looks, from what we can see, just perfect! Well done to all. When do you come out of the wilderness? Beryl



  3. Geluk, Inneke! Sy is allerpragtig en ‘n baie gelukkige kindjie om jou as haar ouma te hê. Vir my is die avontuurlike pad van ouma-wees ‘n ongelooflike vreugde – mag dit vir jou ook so wees.


    • Ag, baie dankie. Dit begin nadat ek haar gister weer vasgehou het nou deurdring hoe wonderlik dit is. Ek het haar aan die slaap gemaak. Die Mammie het sommer uit-gepass van moegheid toe sy die breek kry. Pappie het ook bietjie met sy voete in die lug gaan sit- hy is maar die eintlike versorger!

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