House sitting: Animals

Not only frogs to tend but also ten hens and a cockerel.

The chicken coop was about five hundred or more meters from the homestead.

Every afternoon Trompie and I had to feed the chicks.

I collected eggs…

six to nine per day!


The chickens were very human-friendly.

They did not know anything about Trompie dangers.

One morning I took some photos of the building.

Trompie was roaming around, off the lead, for sheep poo.

Suddenly I saw the girls coming to me from the coop’s side.


Trompie suddenly saw them…


He charged. I jumped in his way:

“You don’t, you hear me!”

He stopped dead in the run.

We turned around and walked the other way, ignoring the chicks.


They kept following us.

I let them pass and they went around the corner of the building.

Trompie and I turned around and went home the other way.

Trompie was very good in listening to me.

I am very proud of him.

18 thoughts on “House sitting: Animals

  1. Aaaaag hy is te oulik want hy was darem seker baie lus om onder hulle in te spring! Daardie eiers lyk darem pragtig Kan nie sê wanneer ek laas vars eiers gesien het nie.


    1. Om elke dag soveel eiers te kry het my wiele pap genaak. Ek het tweekeer 25 vir Bertus en familie gegee. Derde keer wou hul nie hê nie en het dit vir n “siekehuis” oorkant die straat gegee.
      Die laastes het ek vir die eienaar gelos.

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