House Sitting(2): More animals to feed

Every morning, the first thing I had to do was

feed the most important animals.

No One



No Two



Who I fed on the front steps while

Trompie kept an eye on us through the lounge window!

He also watched the next animals we had to feed in their cage(photo  left)

Then it’s the bunnies turn.

Trompie went with me to feed them,

every morning and evening.

Puma would sit and wait for us.



Then we went off for our morning walk. I had a look around if everything was okay around the farm while Trompie hunted for his extra sheep poo morning meal. Puma joined in the walk.

Trompie’s feet were usually full of seed bundles.

Before we went inside I first had to clean his feet and also dry them because we had a lot of rain.


Being a farm dog had its good sides but also its bad ones!

9 responses to “House Sitting(2): More animals to feed”

  1. Trompie evidently loves being a farm dog! 😀


    1. You tell me! Every morning or when he got a chance he would go on his rounds to see if everything is okay.(more interested in finding sheep droppings and also chicken ones)


      1. An ideal job for both of you, then. Is it the summer holidays in NZ? I just wondered whether the house minding was while you weren’t at school.


        1. Yes it was/is during the summer holidays. School starts 31 Jan again. At the moment I am house sitting for my old friend With two dogs Millie and Coco. There are three cats now which is a bit of an issue
          My friend comes back 7 Feb. I’ve got 4 school days, long weekend(Monday(6th) is a holiday) then the Tuesday evening(7th) I can sleep in my own bed again. This one isn’t as good as the two weeks over Christmas as I said the cats don’t want to come in so that I can lock them away during the night. I think I won’t do it like this again.


  2. Trompie is so oulik!!


  3. Klink na ‘n voltydse werk!


    1. Hul het nie verniet n voltydse oppasser nodig gehad nie!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Trompie lyk soos ñ karaktertjie waaroor stories geskryf kan word.


    1. Jy moenie nog praat nie! Ek geniet hom gate uit.

      Liked by 1 person

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