House Sitting no 4: So peaceful

Trompie inspecting everything,

every morning, during the day whenever he got the opportunity to go outside.

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Some photos of the place itself.

This is the last of my house sitting on top of the hills.

I am starting another two weeks of house sitting from Friday, January 27

till February 07.

We are sitting house with Millie, Coco, Munro, miss Sally and Mr Fats.

17 thoughts on “House Sitting no 4: So peaceful

  1. I must have missed previous posts because I didn’t know you were house sitting. It sounds like the perfect job to me. The house in this post is set in a beautiful place. Your photos of Trumpie are great. He really is a handsome fellow (don’t tell him I said that. It might go to his head). 😃


            1. Het klaar vandag n klomp blomme afgeneem. Dis egter weer so bewolk gewees vroeg oggend. Kon nie gisteraand die katte sover kry om op die stoep te kom sodat ek hul komn toemaak vir die nag nie. Hul hou nie van Trompie se loerdery en my vreemde reuk nie.

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                1. Sukkel beslis. Put my nogal uit om so die hele tyd te sorg dat ek weet waar elke hond is. Maar wat, sal dit oorleef. Glo nie ek sal dit weer so doen nie, mits hul honde ook ophou om katte te jaag. Ek kry nie Trompie gekalmeer as hul gedurig wil jaag nie. Hul is maar stout

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  2. Me love Trompie.
    I would do anything in this world to have your job.
    Maybe in my next life I will be able to do some house sitting in breathtaking beautiful places with cute pets etc. (and no humans please)


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