School Stories: String art and Block building

Early morning. Girls started doing string art.

The same afternoon the after school children were impressed with the two girls work.

We made a whole collection.

This afternoon two boys were building their hearts out.

15 thoughts on “School Stories: String art and Block building

    1. Yes, I had one a child had made and sold it for funding of some event he had to go to. Dis party dae baie uitputtend gewees as mens so individueel elkeen moet help tot hul die weefwerk kan begin doen. Bygesê tot die 5 jarige een dogtertjie het heel oulik haar weefwerk gedoen(met my hulp natuurlik)

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          1. Little girls, especially the good mannered ones, always steal my heart. How is your little one doing? Ours is still in hospital (four days now) with a virus infection, but thankfully she is much better today.


            1. It’s very bad for those little ones dealing with infection like that. It breaks my heart to see them suffer and you can do nothing more to help them. My little one is growing , after every week when I see her it seems as if she is taller and also the expressions comes through on the face when she sees new things.
              Hope your little girl is much better by now.

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