Baby Talk: Nearly four months

Beatrix nearly four months.

Blowing bubbles!


She loves watching movement on the TV.

15 responses to “Baby Talk: Nearly four months”

  1. Hoop die skoolgeld is al betaal … voor julle weet is sy daar!


    1. Ja, sy groei soos kool! Ek sien haar so elke tweede week en dan het sy weer gerek.

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  2. Cutiepie. Sy is pragtig.


    1. Sy brabbel te lekker as sy my sien!

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  3. She is beautiful. I am sure you are enjoying every moment spent with her.


    1. Yes, she is very cute. We enjoy each others company! She tells me everything !


    1. I agree she is a little princess.

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  4. Ag, jy vreet haar seker heeltyd op! Mooiste klein mensie.


    1. Ja, sy is kostelik. Maak geluide en bewegings wat the kostelik is.

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  5. cutie pie, with the always busy little rosebud mouth!


    1. She keeps on making gurgling and little sounds and pulling her face with it.

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