Wanderlust: The Daily Post Photo challenge

David W at WordPress asks this week:

Have you travelled anywhere exciting lately? This week, let’s see where you’ve been.


Join in the fun!


First visit to Zimbabwe


Picture 017

Our hotel at Victoria Falls

Picture 022

First sight of Victoria Falls at sun rise

Picture 019

Baobab tree and street vendors.

Picture 023

Statue of Livingston

Picture 025

Mighty Victoria Falls

The Zambesi was very dry due to the drought.

We crossed the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The helicopter which flew us over the Vic falls.

 Zilephone made from horns.

Picture 031

Sun-set trip on Zambesi River.

Picture 035

We had a boat trip on the Chobe River and saw many elephants.

The last sunrise over the Victoria Falls.

The mist that thunders.

Picture 040

22 thoughts on “Wanderlust: The Daily Post Photo challenge

  1. What a fabulous trip you had, Ineke – and a helicopter ride as well (or should I say flight?). Your photos of the wonderful sites and wildlife are excellent.


    1. The helicopter flight was very special. We had to walk about half a km across the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia because the trip was from the Zambian side. Outside the border post in Zambia, we were picked up by a jeep which took us to the helicopter. There was only place for three people in the helicopter. It took ages to take the members of the group up in the air. We were 36 people. It was worth it through and through.


    1. Jong jy sal n plan moet maak. Ek was in 2010 weer daar en ons moes deur Botswana ry tot by grens naby Vic Falls. Mens kan nie sommer meer deur Zimbabwe self toer nie omdat daar nie veel meer is nie.
      Moenie worry oor die besoeke nie, hier gaan dit ook maar net aan die gang die hele tyd.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dankie, dit was n besonders warm namiddag. Die anderkant van die boot was n olifantbul besig om n koei te dek in die rivier. Olifante doen dit blykbaar so volgens die gids wat ons gehad het. Ook n eenkeer in n leeftyd ondervinding gewees.

      Liked by 1 person

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