May 5, 2017. It’s write Easy.  Every Friday I join a writing group and write anecdotes from my past. We usually get six words for the week. We pick one word or more and write about it. My word was motorcycle.


Some people, when they are young, love to show off by having a better motorcycle than their best friends.

My son, while at school was and still is a big motorcycle fan.

While in school he bought himself a field motorbike with his money selling newspapers. It took him two years to put the money together. It was a second-hand motorcycle, and most of the time he was busy trying to fix it. As soon as it was roadworthy again, he would go off with lots of noise and speed up and down the dirt track near our house.

He studied at the Technikon in Pretoria. After a year of using a yellow Austin Mini which I gave him as his first vehicle, he bought himself a black streamlined motorcycle.  He enjoyed to ride it. He even would drive the hundred and fifty kilometres home on the weekend to visit me.

Some years later he told me that he nearly killed himself driving down a steep hill. He drove downhill and lost control, ventured on the pavement, and almost bumped full on into a signboard pole which stopped him. He showed me photos of the brake marks on the road and sidewalk. Lucky for him that he missed it by a few millimetres.


One of the first things my son did when he arrived in New Zealand he bought himself a motorcycle. He even bought a second which he tried to modernise his own way. He loved fiddling with the engines. Nowadays he is more into designing and making electronic boards which bring in some money to help pay the bills now that he has expanded his family.


9 responses to “Motorbike experience: Memoirs”

  1. luckyjc007 Avatar

    Fortunately he lived to tell about it. We find out some things about our children years later…and that can be a good thing, but not always.


    1. Avatar

      At first, I was shocked but later I was thankful that he did not get hurt. I’m also glad that he told me about it because we had a good and open relationship while he was studying.


  2. rondomtaliedraai Avatar

    Die ryers het hulle eie beskermengele


    1. Avatar

      Dis beslis waar. Goed mens weet ook maar nie van alles nie!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. perdebytjie Avatar

    Sjoe,dis maar goed mens weet nie altyd wat jou kinders aanvang nie!Goed geskryf Ineke!


    1. Avatar

      Dankie vir jou mooi kommentaar. Dit vat my nogal lank om alles in Eng te skryf sodat dit aanvaarbaar is vir die Engelse oor. Stem saam dat mens nie alles hoef te weet nie. Gelukkig het ek en my seun n baie goeie vertrouensvehouding gehad toe hy nog jonger was. Op einde het hy tog mar aalees met my gedeel.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. travel460 Avatar

    Ek is mal oor jou fotos! Hierdie is ń baie goeie skryfsel.


    1. Avatar

      Baie dankie vir jou mooi woorde ek is bly jy jou van fotos en ook die skrywe. Soms voel ek half moedeloos as ek so worstel om myself in Eng uit te druk.
      Ek het nie die fotos op my rekenaar nie toe moes ek maar n foto van my album fotos neem. Ek dink dis nog fotos wat negatiewe het- voor die degitale tydperk!

      Liked by 1 person

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