Baby Talk: Home sweet home

After six weeks away from home the girls had a lot of sleep to catch up on. It was summer in London and they came back to a cold and frosty New Zealand last Monday.

I visited the girls on Thursday. Beatrix was still sleeping and I did not see her.

Today I went for a cup of tea. Bea was her busy self. I could not take good photos of her because she kept on moving and watching my phone. The light wasn’t that good too.

Here she is!

One week and she will be 6 months!



With Daddy and Trompie




20 thoughts on “Baby Talk: Home sweet home

  1. Doesn’t time fly. Bea has grown so much and looks adorable. She’s also become an experienced traveller/tourist by the sounds of it, too. I hope they had a great holiday. The London area tends to have some of the hottest weather here in summer.


  2. Sy word so vining groot. Jy kan so bly wees jy bly naby haar….. sê nou jy was nog in RSA dan het jy al die lekker gemis.


    1. Sy is op en wakker en aan die gang. Die Pappa is so trots op sy kleinding. Hy herinner my aan sy eie pa wat dit so geniet het om n kind te hê wat hy kon vertroetel en versorg. Sy ander twee kinders was nooit rerig deel van hom nie. Dit het my hart so goed gedoen om te weet my man het hom so geniet.

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