Satisfaction: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

This week, share a photo of something that brings you satisfaction. It can be monumental, minor, or something in between.

Hop over to The Daily post and see more ideas on satisfaction.

Taking photos gives me a lot of satisfaction especially when the photos are special like the following ones:IMG_2964




I think this is an Anthurium Sweet Dreams

30 responses to “Satisfaction: The Daily Post Photo Challenge”

  1. Beautiful photos, Ineke. The colours are very vivid. From a comment above I see you’re still house sitting. You’ve been doing that for a while now, so it obviously agrees with you. I hope Scrapydo is keeping well, too.


    • Thank you. This only 4 weeks house sitting. Started my third week now. The still one more. This one isn’t very pleasant Meggie the dog is demanding at times. Have to let her out twice per night. Not good for my because I have to get up early for the before school care. I’m anyway glad I can do it for this lady.Her husband passed away about 2 years ago and she was house bound with the dog.

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      • It seems ages ago when you started house-sitting. I seem to all over the place with time this year. We have too many things going on here, Ineke, and our time is swallowed up by them all. I can safely say, life has not been too good to us this year. Roll on 2018.
        Having to let Maggie out twice every night must be very hard on you. But kindness to this lady by helping her out like this does you credit.


        • This is the third house sitting I’m doing this year. I’m not going to do it again! It is to hard on body and soul for me at the moment. I get to involved with the animals and it makes me feel sick when I can’t really help. I had a whole week in bed with a bug and it felt as if I could not take it anymore. My health is more important to me at my age! This is the second time this year that I had this flu bug thing! Strange how at times circumstances can cause havoc in your life .


    • Thanks. I’m house sitting for four weeks and it’s freezing cold because I’m next to the river. I’m busy writing my memoirs. Planning to finish first part: from birth to six years and moving to South Africa from the Netherlands. How are you? I see that you are still writing!


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