School stories: Conservation week.

Show your backyards some love this Conservation Week. Get involved in protecting, growing, nurturing and caring for our nature.

Today four classes went out into the community around the school to pick up the rubbish along the roads. The other three classes cleaned up the school grounds and nearby property borderlines.

Rubbish picked up at the roadside.



4 responses to “School stories: Conservation week.”

  1. This is great! Kids need to be learning about conservation as it’s such a vital part of wildlife and the environment! I’ve just written a post about turtles with bits of how to help save them!


    1. True, on Fridays they have discovery days and do all kinds of out of the classroom things.

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  2. What a great initiative and so rewarding. 🙂


    1. WE are an environmentally friendly school. Sun panels for heating water. Gardening and even a few chickens. Children all take part in helping with tasks.


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